Pamplin Family Winery sources fruit from a variety of Washington’s finest vineyard properties.
We invite you to explore our vineyards below.



AVA – Horse Heaven Hills

Vineyard ManagerJake Cragin

Alder Ridge is an 800+ acre vineyard facing the Columbia River south of Alderdale. There are many different elevations, aspects and soils types on the property that engender varying personalities to the fruit. Compared to all the Cabernet Sauvignon blocks at Alder Ridge, our block is unique due to its elevation and southwest exposure. Wind is also a big factor in this block keeping the canopies and berries small. The clusters here can easily be mistaken for clone 6 due to their small berries and straggly architecture.

Fruit Characteristics

Cabernet Sauvignon – Depth, focus of flavor and elegance sum up Alder Ridge Cab. The fruit is bright red and pure. It has an extra dimension that goes deep and turns to dark fruit in the mid palate. The tannins are rich and integrated.



AVA – Horse Heaven Hills

Vineyard ManagerKariann Vanbeek

We are lucky to have the opportunity to purchase Merlot from one of Chateau Ste. Michelle premiere estate vineyards. The soils are a sandy loam (seemingly all sand) and consistently produce one of our finest Merlots every vintage. Kariann custom farms this block for us and every year it is a collaborative effort to get the fruit as concentrated as possible. I tell Kariann that this block is the closest we’ll ever come to having an estate vineyard of our own thanks to her input and willingness to entertain my suggestions regarding cluster and canopy management.

Fruit Characteristics

Merlot – The nose has a dried herb complexity with red fruit and earthy components. The palate tends to be round and full rather than sharp and focused. It always has great depth and layers with nice movement from start to finish.


Elephant Mountain

AVA – Rattlesnake Hills

Vineyard Manager Andrew Schultz

Located 1300+ feet above the Yakima Valley, Elephant Mountain Vineyard is located near the center of the Rattlesnake Ridge Appellation. Its’ elevation and the surrounding hills define this vineyard, moderating the high and low temperature extremes throughout the growing season. Soils are sandy, silt loam over a gravelly, calcareous subsurface. This vineyard performs well in cooler vintages.

Fruit Characteristics

Cabernet Sauvignon – Elephant Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon is more similar to Cabernet from Horse Heaven Hills than to Cabernet from Red Mountain just sixty miles east down the Yakima Valley. It is generally subtle and refined, with well-balanced, complete tannins.



AVA – Red Mountain

Vineyard ManagerJulia Kock

One of the icons of Red Mountain, Klipsun has great pedigree and always rises to the top. Red Mountain is hot and windy. The soil pH is high with variable compositions making it a challenge to achieve vine to vine uniformity. This combination of stressors and soil produces tiny berries with thick skins that translate into big, structured, concentrated wines.

Fruit Characteristics

Cabernet Sauvignon – Klipsun Cabernet is generally the foundation of the Pamplin Cabernet blend. Its big structure provides the framework for the rest of the blend. The fruit profile is red to black cherry. The nose is deep and earthy. The mouth feel is chewy and savory.



AVA – Red Mountain

Vineyard Manager – Damon LaLonde

Having one of the more descriptive vineyard names on Red Mountain, Scooteney Flats doesn’t need a pretentious sounding French abstraction for a name since it produces some of the best Cabernet in the AVA. Named after the Scooteney soil series and its lack of any elevation changes, it’s one of the only close spaced VSP trellised vineyards we source from. Damon had the foresight to plant a variety of clones at Scooteney which we take full advantage of, sourcing clone 4 and 6 which share my favorite cluster morphology: tiny berries, straggly clusters.

Fruit Characteristics

Concentration and viscosity are the name of the game at Scooteney. The wines have a lush and velvety mouthfeel with candied sweet red fruit flavors.

Bring on the Clones….

The majority of Cabernet in the Columbia Valley is planted to clone 8 which produces consistent and reliable yields when managed correctly. I half-jokingly refer to 8 as a growers clone.


Seven Hills
Seven Hills Vineyard aerial, Milton Freewater, Oregon

AVA – Walla Walla

Vineyard ManagerSadie Drury

Daytime high temperatures reflect the rest of the Columbia Valley but average nighttime temperatures are higher. The soils in this vineyard are in the Ellisforde Series, which is a wind-blown glacial loess that is geologically young and rich in minerals.

Fruit Characteristics

Cabernet Sauvignon – Blue to black fruits with soy sauce and lots of minerality. It has a deep and full tannic structure. A young clone 6 vineyard with enormous potential.

Petite Verdot – Has floral and spicy meat character, steely tannins. This varietal acts like a lens that focuses and straightens up a blend and augments the structure.


Benches Vineyard , Horse Heaven Hills, Washington
Benches Vineyard , Horse Heaven Hills, Washington

AVA – Horse Heaven Hills

Vineyard ManagerDan Nicholas

Our blocks at Wallula  are up on the bluff overlooking the Columbia River in the cooler region of the vineyard. It’s vulnerable to late season frosts (’08 and ’09). This cooler microclimate has its risks but the rewards can be stunning. The fruit is always unique and complex with a refined sophistication. Its soils are composed of a mix of glacial marine sediments left by the ancient Missoula floods which were backed up by the narrow Wallula Gap.

Fruit Characteristics

Merlot – Picked a week to two weeks after our other Merlot lots, the Wallula Merlot is unique in its blue fruit character, spicy undertone and masculine structure.